Welcome to the Solar Heroes homepage!

This campaign takes place in an alternate history Earth, where aliens from beyond the Solar System crash landed on the planet along with their technology, increasing the rate of technological advancement on Earth exponentially.

The party plays a group of heroes who recently gained fame for thwarting a terrorist attack; the campaign follows their adventures thereafter.

The campaign uses the Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition rules and is run solely online using Maptool.


The first session of the game will be on Friday, June 26 at about 3 PM EST. The game will then be played weekly at the same time starting from that date. Please message me or drop comments if this time isn’t good for you.

The game will usually go for several hours. It can be longer or shorter depending on several factors, such as my mood, your mood, time constraints, and how much material I have ready. Obviously if you don’t want to continue for a session tell me, but be prepared to at least put in at least 3 hours into the game every session. If you can’t, let me know beforehand. Thanks, and have fun.

Server details will be put up on the Adventure Log section a few minutes before the server goes up.


We’re currently using Maptool DEV version 1.3.b56. You can find it here.

Solar Heroes

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