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If you’re a player in the game, please read the Rules. If you’ve done so or aren’t a player or just don’t care, go about your business sir.

Our Heroes

  • Colonel Kekko (played by Snailor), the brilliant goldfish-resembling alien, locked up in an airtight battlesuit blistering with weapons.
  • Acid Reflux (played by Mega), a giant of a man with the ability to spit powerful corrosive acid. Is his size a glandular problem or a result of his mutation? Only he knows.

Handy Links

  • Timeline- History and background.
  • Rules- Any house rules or required information for the players.
  • Back Issues- Previous editions of the Solar Heroes comic.



  • JC- Our heroes’ agent. Does their dry-cleaning, nabs them jobs, etc.
  • Zorgol- The villainous alien from planet Corpra our heroes defeated not long ago.


  • Orange Triad- A group of soldiers who disbanded after the Cold War and formed a mercenary company. Large, found nearly everywhere.
  • UCS- The United Confederate States. Formerly United States.
  • Solar Heroes- The protagonists the series is named after.
  • Series 2- Terrorist group of robots and a few cyborgs.


  • Kremlonian- A race of intelligent aquatic beings resembling large goldfish.
  • Corprel- Race of aliens very similar to humans, resemble humans with small horns and glowing eyes.
  • Robots- Mostly sentient mechanical beings that became self-aware.
  • Cyborgs- Organisms that are fully- or partially-converted to robots with cybernetics and bionics.


  • Plasma Weapons- Powerful recently-developed weapons that fire projectiles as hot as the sun.
  • Laser Weapons- Popular, efficient weapons that fire accurate beams of hot energy.
  • Power Armor- State-of-the-art personal protection.

Last Minute Notes

Just a few more points for people in my game:

  • Style Over Substance- If you can do the same thing more stylishly than you are, do it. I reward ingenuity with hero points and better outcomes, so try and think what your character would do in situations rather than whats most efficient or damaging.
  • It’s a Game- Don’t be a shitlord.
  • Min/maxing will be frowned upon, but I won’t be particularly vengeful toward you for doing so. I can’t say the same for your friends in the game who will probably get annoyed at your rampant exploitation of the point-based system.

Useful Terminology

  • Pulling a Drox: Failing to read game guidelines, making roughly 9001 characters that don’t follow them, and as a result getting mad and scrapping them all completely.

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