Acid Reflux

A giant of a man who's mutant powers have granted him increased mass and corrosive spit.

Gary AKA

Acid Reflux

Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 150/150

Stat Bonus Value
STR +10 31
DEX +1 12
CON +7 25
INT +1 12
WIS +1 12
CHA +2 14

Tough: +7/+10 Fort: +12 Ref: +4 Will: +7


Bluff +2
Climb +12
Concentration +10
Diplomacy +2
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +1
Gather Information +2
Handle Animal +2
Intimidate +17
Knowledge (Pop Culture) +15
Notice +6
Search +1
Sense Motive +1
Stealth -3
Survival +8
Swim +10


  • Fearsome Presence (5)
  • Improved Grab: Start a grapple as a free action after hitting with an unarmed attack
  • Improved Grapple: Make grappling attacks/maintain pin with only one hand
  • Improved Pin: -4 penalty to escape grapple/pins
  • Startle: Make an intimidate check instead of bluff to feint during combat
  • Equipment (1): 5 points of ep


  • Acid Immunity (Immunity 5;Acid)
  • Acid Spray (Acid, Mutant; Blast 7; 70ft; DC22; Cone Area)
    • Degenerative Acid [Alt] (Acid, Mutant; Disintegration 5; 50ft; DC20)
  • They’re Like Ants To Me! (Immunity 1: Fear, Does not apply if an enemy larger than self is part of encounter)
  • He’s Freakin’ Huge! (Mutant; Growth 4; +8 STR, +4 CON, +1 size catg;Permanent;Innate)
  • Like A Big Fleshy Wall (Mutant; Immovable 2; Resist Movement: +8; Resist Knockback: -2; Unstoppable; Innate)
  • Leaping 5 (Jumping Distance: x50)

Attack Bonus: +7 (Melee: +7, Ranged: +7, Grapple: +22)


  • Unarmed Attack +7 (DC25)
  • Acid Spray (Blast 7 Cone) +7 (DC22);
    • Degenerative Acid [Alt] (Disintegration 5) +7 (DC20)

Defense: +5 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -11

Initiative: +1


  • Vulnerable: Sonic, uncommon, moderate (+50% save DC)

Languages: English

Totals: 34[Abilities]+15[Skills]+10[Feats]+51[Powers]+28[Combat]+14[Saves]-2[Drawbacks] = 150/150


Gary was a normal, if a bit overweight and reclusive, teen before his mutant powers manifested. One day he is working a dead end job at a hobby shop and the next he’s dissolving tissues just by sneezing into them. As he practiced, he realized he could control his new power and either spray over a large area or fire a much thicker shot at a single target. The latter appeared to have the benefit of being ‘active’ longer and be able to eventually corrode a wide arrange of materials. It is hypothesized that the inhuman amount of soda and other acidic drinks that Gary consumed throughout his life could have caused his mutation to manifest in this way. He took the name ‘Acid Reflux’ for this reason, mainly as a joke, but it stuck.

With time, it became apparent that his mutation had a secondary benefit as well. Gary began to grow, only instead of out, as he was accustomed to, he grew up and his layers of flab began to give way until he was more akin to a giant than a man. In the end, Gary’s total transformation caused his self-confidence to skyrocket and he saw it as a fresh new start.

Gary’s decision to use his new powers as a hero was largely influenced by the great amount of TV he watched and fiction he has read. A lifetime of devotion to such things has caused him to have a wide array of knowledge on popular culture.

Gary still loves Sierra Mist.

Acid Reflux

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