Solar Heroes

Issue 1, session 1
First game evar

Game didn’t go too badly, aside from just plain not working for the first 15 minutes. Java is a piece of shit. Thankfully trench decided to lend a hand and host the server.

The session went about as expected. As most of the players are new to Mutants and Masterminds (and half of the players are new to RPG’s in general), it actually went fairly well. A few hiccups in spots but thankfully I know enough about the system that the ball never stopped rolling. There weren’t any spots where the game just came to a halt because we forgot something.

After getting their passports, the heroes found that the Circle Center, a downtown area around a central monument in Indianapolis, was under attack by the Orange Triad. Long story short, they went there and beat the shit out of them and prevented them from blowing it up with a bomb. Under the monument, the heroes found a strange audio thread that requires a special player to listen to.

And then there was some fast and furious sexual innuendo and genitalia jokes going everywhere, etc etc. I can’t be asked to finish this blog. Fuck you.

Suggestion box
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comment on this post to let me know what kind of stuff you want to see in the game. you dont have to be specific obviously, just situations. after the first session you’ll have a better understanding and will be able to make more suggestions so dont worry

I'm trying to watch Medium here!
Alright, go medium.

I wish I could talk to ghosts.

That would be sweeeeeeeeet

Character Progress
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Hey. Since the comments page is getting clogged up, put any character questions, comments, or ideas in the comments page for this post. Cheers!




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